You heard it right…time to let go and shake your booty for once. Those badass moves can’t stay hidden forever…yeah you need to show the world your jazz hands and running man combo. You know which ones I am talking about…the ones you debut in front of a mirror before an important date or when you are at liquor-filled wedding and the moment strikes. I have loved to dance all my life. Lately I find myself breaking it down in my apartment while I am cooking and even in CVS or Sephora when a perfect song comes on and I can’t resist. You would be surprised at some of the jams they play sometimes..reminds me of my high school years…

Ahhh high school…I remember not knowing a soul at the freshman orientation dance. Looking around the gymnasium I evaluated my options…I could worry about being a loner there  and focus on not having any friends yet…or I could….well…in that moment I felt a shoulder shimmy come on….shake of the hips, pelvic thrust…you know the rest. I lost myself in the music…the rhythm…for an entire song I was just invincible and felt so free…my worries disappeared and I was doing dance moves I had no idea I knew how to do. Simply put – I broke it DOWWWN. Before I knew it, I had a circle of cheerleaders (girls I still friends with today) surrounding me.

“I just watched you dance and I have to be your friend,” said the bubbly and vibrant blonde girl leading the group with a big smile. That was the day I met one of my best friends, Courtney. Beautiful things happen when you just let go and just be yourself!

Be bold. Dance. Take a chance. Express yourself. Be silly. Bust a move. Lose yourself to dance. There is simply beauty in letting go….when I let go in that moment…my soul came out…and my soul…well it has some real SOUL. And sometimes when you lose yourself to dance, you truly find yourself.

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