Stargo Love… now what is that you may ask? Some of you may know my nickname is Stargo. I have had this for awhile now. My heart warms inside when people call me this and it always seems to happen at the most random times to remind me of my true calling.  After starting Maven and doing events for many years and being the ‘girl about town’ my life has gone in a different direction. While I love going out and celebrating my life, I seem to have more fun these days enjoying mellow evenings at home with close friends, family or just me, myself and I. I have done a lot of reflection the past couple of months and reignited my true passion.

And what is that? Inspiring others…helping them see the light and go for their dreams.  Ok…so what about the juicy love part? Well, I want people to find love within first and attract that love into their lives.  Let’s face it…our world needs a lot more love. I think everyone could stand to give themselves a hug. Am I going to be a matchmaker? I have already had two couples marry through my connections without even trying. But my most important message is that it all starts with self love and the rest falls into place. Instead of planning the next event, I noticed I would love staying home on the phone with friends for hours and helping them through tough times. In addition to that, I loved spending time in smaller groups to really appreciate life. I also remembered another nickname I had gotten over the years…’Sunshine.’ Well, a sun is a star…maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. I started to finally listen and picked up my sparkling pom poms.

Yes, boys and girls – I realized I am a life cheerleader…I help others find their inner STAR and GO for their dreams. This is a blog to share my experiences, wisdom, motivation, struggles and views in order to motivate, relate, inspire, educate and brighten your day. Even my name is like a cheer…SA-RAH! RAH RAH! Yeah…just wait til you hear some of my cheers…aka affirmations.

I will still host my Diva and Divo Series events – just not as often, but I love the series and enjoy honoring and inspiring wonderful people in the community. I will also still do my social media, career and resume consulting and marketing/branding/design consulting. I think it is time to let Maven go and embrace Stargo. Please check out my new site in progress at SarahStargo.com and please check the blog daily for inspiration, cheer, and sunshine!  I LOVE you all…be the STAR that you are…GO or it!  Spirit fingers! I GO, YOU GO, WE ALL GO 4 STARGO!

3 thoughts on “I GO, YOU GO, WE ALL GO 4 STARGO!

  1. You’re very talented, and I’m pleased to have met you at the DiVo Series! I look forward to more of your events, with love, Ami!

  2. Sarah I am so proud of you. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow and develop over the years into the true STARGO — SUNSHINE that you are. It is an honor to have you as a friend. Let your light shine bright.

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