So in the midst of a dream you are in a job interview…it’s going pretty well…you then hear…

Dress-for-a-Job-Interview“Congrats! You are now hired! That’s right…there is no one else who can do this job, but you. You are a shoe-in.”

You sigh with relief…this is much better than the dreams you have where you show up naked to Biology class (which you are failing), forget your homework (and clothes duh) and then you run into your ex at an ice cream social…naked. So yes…this is better.

So then you ask, “Well…what are my responsibilities?”

“Oh, your happiness. Pretty simple. That’s all…must go fax now. You will do great. I have faith in YOU”

Newsflash fax –  YOUR HAPPINESS has been your job all along, but maybe you didn’t realize it or forgot. HIRED!  Time to step into your shoes (aka power) and run Forrest, run! Time to dance, march to the beat of your own drum, move in the right direction, skip, tap it out, jog briskly…or prance.

You then realize you were looking in a mirror the whole time and the interview was simply an illusion. You are in charge of your own HAPPINESS! And guess what? It’s an inside job. I tell all my friends you can only depend on one person to be happy…no…not your parents, significant other or your boss! YOU! It’s an inside job so you better get busy!

That naked ice cream social with the ex sounds fun now, doesn’t it?

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