“You just have a glitter effect, Sarah” one of my good friends Ania remarks recently.

“Why thank you,” I say sheepishly while at the same time managing to be very honored for this distinct recognition.

I immediately imagine seven-year-old Sarah going nuts at an arts and crafts table with the glitter…sprinkling it everywhere…using the entire classroom supply while simultaneously horrifying yet amazing my teachers….turning the entire table into my own personal domain full of sparkles and blitz. My project would be so brilliant yet created under such grade school controversy.

“She’s just went insane,” a teacher would explain in disbelief “I have never seen someone so demanding with the glitter. We didn’t see it coming,” she sighs, aimlessly picking glitter out of hair as a janitor cleans the crime scene, pushing a big pile of glitter with a broom shaking his head.

“Ania, I will have to add this to my list of accomplishments,” I joke lightheartedly with a little wink and finger point to top it off as my funny mannerisms bring me back to reality.

Hmmm…GLITTER EFFECT… the phrase resonates with me for some odd reason and I jot it down in my Stargo blog journal. It reminds me of the sexy French phase (well isn’t everything in French sexy) “Je ne sais quoi” which literally means ‘I don’t know what’ but mainly describes and intangible quality, the x factor or special certain somethin’ somethin’.

Then I get a flash of myself doing jazz hands and wearing a very glittery cumberbund from my show choir days. Was THAT a glitter effect?  Let’s hope not.

Let’s just simply define the word ‘glitter.’

glit·ter  (gltr)


1. A sparkling or glistening light.

2. Brilliant or showy, often superficial attractiveness.

3. Small pieces of light-reflecting decorative material.

I shall go with the first  meaning (because it is number one and obviously the most flattering) and my days of show choir are long over so we can eliminate the second definition…that’s a whole other blog in itself…and I usually leave my body glitter and Bedazzler at home…usually. So we can eliminate the third. And no…I never went insane at the arts and crafts table. Pretty sure I got a gold star for sharing the glitter and being neat. But I always THOUGHT about it. Still do…so don’t make me mad, now!

Sweet Ania is saying I was bringing “sparkling or glistening light.” And she is saying I have that effect on others lives…awwww…she gets a friendship bracelet for that one. So you may ask with bright and eager eyes…”how do I bring the glitter effect in my daily life? Show me the way, Stargo.”


I thought of some suggestions….here are ten ideas…use them at your own discretion.

1. Smile…even at strangers (like I said…use at your discretion).

2. Wink at someone (once again…use at your own discretion).

3. Sing in the shower.

4. Tell a joke to a friend to lighten the mood when they are having a bad day.

5. Jazz hands.

6. Dance like EVERYONE is watching.

7. Be dazzling – be original – be you.

8. Compliment someone and make them feel good about themselves.

9. Sing while you enter or leave a room.

10. Jazz hands. You can never have enough of those.

I hope this helps you have more of a GLITTER EFFECT on others!

So bring it!


  1. Love this Sarah! I love glitter! I definitely agree that you have a glitter effect! I remember the day I briefly met you , how I immediately saw it. I saw that glistening light! What a beautiful way to describe someone! 🙂 Having a glitter effect on others is a definite goal of mine, hoping that just like glitter leaves a trail of sparkles behind I can do that by touching someone’s life in a special and helpful way!
    Hmmm………….I know!!!:) Let’s make a mess with glitter and sprinkle it everywhere !!!;) xoxo

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