Tonight was a magical night…I looked around the table at a group of bright souls who are my co-workers and true friends. We toasted to new beginnings, following our dreams and changing the world. I saw sparkle in their eyes that reminded me of my beloved pixie dust.

The journey we are about to embark – I know that is a bigger calling than any of us and we are just introducing out a new way of giving – charitable living.

It’s time to introduce SELFLESS

This is a movement I am honored and humbled to be a part of and I know many of you will be a part of it too. So much more to come but my soul is definitely singing, dancing and riding a rainbow right now – whee! Live from your heart. Be good in spite of adversity you may face. When you create a better world, your own world becomes better. Magical. Your soul starts riding unicorns, the clouds disappear and the sun shines brighter! Doors open up for you and dreams become reality.

To become part of the movement GO HERE. Be SELFLESS. And you shall find yourself.


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