Well, you better light some candles…put on some Boys II Men, buy some flowers and get ready or a new love affair.

Have you been working out? Do you know how to cook?  Do you wake up happy and enjoy what you do? Is your home a reflection of you or a girly Ikea nightmare with self-help books in every corner or a barren bachelor pad with just beer in the fridge?  And just ONE beer at that. Do you come late at night with phone numbers named “hot chick da club” or “random dude hot dog stand” in your phone as the sun is coming up? Are you always complaining about your job and insecure? Or super self critical of yourself and others/ And no…those pants don’t make your butt look big but your attitude isn’t flattering, buster. BItches

Oh, and the love affair…that’s going to be with YOURSELF. Because you can’t truly love others until you fully love yourself.  No…this does not mean you are destined to Lean Cuisines watching reruns of Lifetime the rest of your life or eating Sloppy Joes and just being sloppy. It all starts with YOU!

So maybe change that Boys II Men song to “Motown Philly” and get down with your bad self! Well, good self…you know what I mean. And you definitely need to get down like Stephanie Tanner did from “Full House.” 

Moral of the story…LOVE YOURSELF FIRST AND IGNITE THAT MADDENING LOVE AFFAIR.  Just do it. Get that new haircut, buy that sexy outfit and work out (so you don’t have to worry if your butt looks big unless you like big butts and cannot lie). Reorganize your home and your life. Stop your bad habits…don’t obsess over finding the perfect mate. HIde those self-help books and do something that you enjoy instead. Pick up that paintbrush, take a cooking class, take a dance class, meditate, start a new business venture and like the cliche…take a long walk on the beach…by yourself.  Watch less Lifetime. Put the ice cream away and pick up a fruit, Fall in love with life…and yourself. You won’t ever regret it and your future mate will thank you for your continuous love affair. Love starts with YOU first.

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