Lights, camera, action! AND action….I said ACTION! Yes, I am talking to you! You do realize you have the lead starring role in your life, right? Well you do…so roll out the red carpet, smile and just don’t end up on Hollywood True Story after your tragically predicted meltdown. Most people don’t realize they have a star inside of them and it’s time to unleash that star inside. Why are you here? And not just reading this blog…that answer is clearly obvious (because you LOVE IT duh)…why are you here on this planet? What gifts do you offer the world? What is your passion? Unleashing the star is really igniting the passion inside. You must look inside and not listen to what everyone else tells you.

What makes you happy? What makes you tick? I find that when we are children we are way more honest with those answers and dream the impossible. Well, maybe it’s time to go back to that IMAGINATION as we now call it MANIFESTATION as adults. I will write in a later blog about manifestation and how that works but keep that in mind. Ok, so I am not a ballerina living in a mansion with the world’s largest sticker collection and unlimited Freeze Pops. Well, not yet. I think visiting our childhood really shows important clues to what really makes us happy. As a child, I was always encouraging my friends, making them laugh and also solving complex problems between Barbie dolls. It usually ended with a fight with Ken, car chase and bad haircut, but things always ended up just fine. Not much has changed, my friends…not much has changed.

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