Are you often waiting for things to happen and super bummed when it doesn’t go according to your master plan? Do you have your entire life completely planned out and freak out when everything doesn’t go right? Are you always worrying about what others want you to do instead of what you want in life? I have often felt this way…I felt like everything was a struggle or never not good enough. I was always wanting to get to the finish line but not enjoying the run….well…more like brisk jog.  It was ME vs. the Universe. Why doesn’t this guy like me? Why didn’t I get that new client or promotion? How come I am never happy with what I do and always stressed out? I was going through the motions and just getting tired. Well my friends, I wasn’t riding the rainbow.

I wasn’t taking an active role in creating happiness and manifesting what I wanted. I was just hoping things would happen as I wished but completely doubting myself in the process. Then I would get really upset when my life didn’t go as I planned…well as I hoped it would go…maybe…we will see, right?

Filled with self-doubt, I probably sent a dubious message of doubt to the universe and my world, right? Luckily, I learned to believe in myself but also realize that sometimes certain things were not meant to happen…I was to do different or even better! I started noticing patterns that led to the same results and if I wanted changes, I would have to change my mindset and jump on the good ole rainbow ride. So I got out a shiny penny and jumped aboard.

My life started taking on a new and dynamic force fueled by my intuition and positive thoughts and energy. Synchronicity became the city I lived in and you could call me Sarah-dippity-do-da (serendipity). Fasten your seatbelts…I finally started going with the flow which immediately made me cooler because I chilled the fudge out.

Sometimes I would fall off, jilted by a disappointment that was always a lesson, blessing in disguise or more bluntly – just simply dodging a bullet. After throwing a raging pity party, I would always miss the vibrant colors of the rainbow and be tired of the black/white thinking. It was like being in an A-HA video minus all the glorious fun good stuff.

The next time I would buckle my seat belt a bit tighter, but the colors would be brighter and the ride would be smoother. Jumping back on the rainbow infused with gratitude, wisdom and positive energy I would often think of my childhood idols, Rainbow Brite, Lavar Burton from Reading Rainbow and Punky Brewster. Punky Power! Stargo Power!

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